DNR Gearing Up For Wildfire Season In Washington State

Despite ongoing light fires, DNR continues to make annual preparations for additional aircraft, equipment, and firefighters in Washington State in anticipation of the wildfire season.

Although eastern Washington is experiencing a colder and wetter spring than usual, the outlook for July indicates a persistent drought throughout the region. DNR partner Thomas Kyle-Milward said more firefighters would be deployed as part of DNR’s improved preparedness efforts. “We are expanding our footprint. We plan to bring in more than 100 firefighters in the next 12 to 18 months. – We now have more artisans.”

Forecasting services indicate more than normal fire capacity for the central state in July. Kyle-Milward says East Washington is typically hot and dry. “We are expecting a dramatic change in temperature by July,” he said. “The honeymoon is fast approaching.”

DNR advises the public that people who burn debris, entertainment, and ceremonies are the main causes of DNR.


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