Planes diverted from Bastille Day parade to fight wildfires on Atlantic coast

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Three helicopters prepared for the Bastil Day parade in Paris have been sent to the Atlantic coast to help fight two uncontrollable fires in the 3,700-hectare pine forest.

The largest fire in the area of ​​Landras, 40 kilometers south of Bordeaux, was calm and burned 2,000 hectares of forest, although not yet controlled, according to Girond County.

Firefighters have difficulty controlling another fire near the famous Pilates sand dune in the coastal Testi-de-Buch forest because of changing winds and complex sandy terrain.

On Tuesday, some 6,000 people were asked to leave their camps in the area, and about 60 people were displaced from their homes in the village of Kazakhstan.

A.D.  July 13, 2022 A wildfire near Landras.
A.D. July 13, 2022 A wildfire near Landras. © Gironde Fire Team by AP

Nearly 1,000 firefighters from across France are working to put out both fires. They were using planes last Thursday, including three Canadians, who were part of the Bastille Day parade at the Paris Champs Elysses.

The planes “represent the best Civil Security“Alexander Juasard, spokesman for the French Civil Defense Agency, regrets not participating in the military parade.

“The surgery is before anything else, obviously, so you’ll be in Gironde all day.”

The cause of the Landiras fire is still unknown, and the cause of the fire in Teste-de-Buch is an accident or a serious Lori accident, according to Gironde’s administrator.

The blaze started on Monday in France, especially in the west and south of the country.

The Meteoro-French weather service kept the department awake on Thursday, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius.

Gironde says forest fires are “high,” according to the South’s Department of Lands.

(With AFP)

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