Wildfires raging across Portugal with temperatures expected climb higher

With wildfires burning throughout Portugal, the forecast is expected to be high for the next few days.

Portugal reported 125 fires on Saturday, July 9, with three massive forest fires set up by around 1,500 firefighters. As temperatures in parts of the country are expected to reach 12 ° 45 ° C (113F) on Tuesday, the Portuguese government has declared an eight-day ‘state of emergency’ and warned holidaymakers of the fire.

At least 29 people were injured in the blaze. Assistance is being provided by the European Union’s Civil Protection Agency, as Portuguese firefighters are well-deployed. This morning, the European Commission deployed 2 Canadian firefighting aircraft from the reserve ships in Spain.

As A resident of PortugalTwo more fires broke out on Sunday, July 10, 2009. One of them occurred at Dona Maria Cintara Municipality in Bellas. The fire was burning on two fronts and was very close to homes, as shown in the pictures.

Portuguese Media Explain He said the fire was on the way to Lisbon. On Sunday afternoon, about 52 firefighters and one airline were reported to be battling the blaze.

A second fire broke out early Sunday morning at 1 a.m. in the Gloria do Ribatejo, Salvatera de Magos in the province of Santaram. The fire started because of the wind: “It started with a strong, speculative forecast. Some homes were in danger but had nothing to do with the blaze, according to a civil protection source. Luca.

As reported tonight A resident of PortugalSome of the fires that broke out on Saturday are still under control, but are still under control.


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