Evacuation alert issued for some Yukon communities due to wildfire

People in a few Yukon communities should be ready to release an instant notification.

Due to wildfires, silver trails have been issued in and around Mayo, Keno, Moose Creek Lodge, Elsa and Victoria Gold.

Residents will not be asked to leave at this time.

Instead, the Yukon government has urged residents to leave if the situation worsens.

The government is urging residents and visitors to stay away from the affected areas.

Lake Crystal Fire is considered out of control, with the North Cloudic Highway closed between the Stuart Crossing and the Pelly Crossing due to “unforeseen, dangerous fire behavior” on the state’s website.

The blaze is about 15 miles[15 km]from the Stuart Crossing, and evacuation warnings are also being issued. According to the website, there are nine firefighters and a special operation team focused on public safety and security at Stewart Crossing.

People living in the above areas are advised by the state:

  • Contact all family members to make a plan and designate a safe meeting place.
  • Create “carry and carry bags that contain medicines or other items that are important to you and your family and store them in an accessible place in your home.
  • Provide transportation for all family members and fill gas tanks in advance when a evacuation order is issued.
  • Arrange possible accommodations and keep in mind that commercial accommodations may be restricted. He said the state would provide emergency accommodation if necessary.
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in the fire and its impact on the environment.

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