How wildfire smoke will impact Bay Area air quality today

Rising smoke from rice fires in Nevada County is expected to affect air quality in northern California, the National Weather Service said Wednesday.

According to meteorologists, the short answer is no.

The Gulf Coast region is expected to have low-pressure systems with coastal winds for the next week and a half, which will cause wildfires to burn east of the Bay Area, according to NS meteorologist Dr Peterson.

“The smoke may have gone north to Reno, Nevada and Salt Lake City, but at this point we don’t seem to be seeing smoke in the San Francisco Bay Area,” Peterson said.

According to Sacramento weather officials, the smoke from the rice fire was moving to the interior and suburbs of Northern Interstate 80 in Sierra Nevada, Northern California.

Photo of a rice fire burning near the Nevada County Rice Crossing.

Photo of a rice fire burning near the Nevada County Rice Crossing.

Cal Fire NEU

However, Peterson said that over the coming weekend, high pressure is expected in most parts of the country, with wildfires moving westward into the Bay Area.

“If there is a fire next weekend, this is the first chance we see smoke on our roads.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District did not issue any warnings on Wednesday, and most of the region is experiencing good air quality, according to The Chronicle.

Jessica Flores is the author of the San Francisco Chronicle. Email crying Twitter @jesssmflores

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