(Salem) – The Oregon Building codes section is collaborating with eight counties to help homeowners and businesses rebuild after the Oregon wildfires of 2020.

Homeowners – including a prefabricated home – can make money by using additional fire-resistant methods and materials when rebuilding a damaged or damaged business by 2020. Those who have already built are qualified.

Strengthening fires is an important tool to help homes withstand fire. Strengthening fires includes measures to prevent damage to a home or business from wildfires, such as the use of fire-retardant materials for construction and roofing, the installation of fire-resistant windows to protect open spaces, or the use of ventilation on the roof. Tools to reduce embezzlement.

“These improvements are particularly effective in preventing fires, which can go a long way in the event of a wildfire,” said Alana Cox, manager of the Oregon Building Code. “We hope this program will help people affected by wildfires to build more fire-resistant communities.”

Provinces participating in the program are Clasmas, Douglas, Jackson, Clamat, Lane, Lincoln, Lynn and Marion. To learn more and apply, visit

To be eligible for the program, one must own a damaged or damaged home or business in the Oregon wildfire by 2020. See the table below for a list of fire-retardant improvements, including fire-resistant roofs, shutters and windows. Eligible applicants may receive financial assistance through their County Building Department upon completion of one or more improvements.

The following improvements are encouraged by the program and the listed incentives will be paid to eligible applicants upon completion of eligible firewood upgrades.

ELEMENT Options Gift amount
Roofing Part B or Part A $ 2,200
Exterior wall covering Must be constructed of one of the following: Non-combustible combustible wood hardwood log assembly $ 1,750
Ventilation Alternative roof vents designed for withstanding umbilical cord and flame interference $ 350
Excessive straps, cantilevers and projections Under ceilings, sofas, tiles, etc., protected by one of the following: Non-combustible material Burning-Resistant Material Exterior 1-Hour Wall Meeting 1 5/8-Inch Layer 5/8-Ink Type X Exterior Gypsum Floor or equivalent $ 400
Floors on balconies, porches and deck floors Must be constructed from one of the following: Non-combustible combustible exterior fire protection treated wood assembly ASTM E2632 $ 550
Windows and skylights Protected by one of the following: 20-minute fire-resistant-rated assembly with heated glass $ 550
Scoring (Manufactured Homes Only) Made of the following coating materials: Non-flammable resistant $ 500
Additional structures 50 feet away from residential or commercial building Improve the structure of both the roof and the outer wall covering elements. Up to two structures are eligible for the gift. $ 500 per structure; Maximum $ 1,000


The Building Code Division is part of Oregon’s largest commercial regulator and consumer protection agency. Visit and

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