Skydiving salamanders live in world’s tallest trees

Researchers have documented in a vertical wind tunnel the amazing ability of one species of salamander — which spends its entire life in the tops of redwoods — to parachute, glide and maneuver in mid-air. Ground-dwellers, on the other hand, freak out during free-fall. The salamander’s skydiving skills are likely a way to steer back […]

Plastic pollution: European farmland could be largest global reservoir of microplastics

Dylan de Jonge/Unsplash, CC BY-SA Plastic particles smaller than 5mm (known as microplastics) are well-documented pollutants in ocean and freshwater habitats. The discovery of microplastics in the most remote rivers of the Himalayas and the deepest trenches of the Pacific Ocean has sparked widespread concern. But how much microplastic lies closer to home – buried […]

Five facts about the gruesome beauty of solitary wasps

Malloscelis taiwanianus, a spider wasp, found in Sichuan, China. Shutterstock Most people recognise a wasp as those stripy insects who ruin our summer picnics. They live in huge societies, much the same as the honeybee; you might even have a nest in your loft or shed. But there’s a lot more to wasps than these […]