Wildfire near Lytton, B.C. still estimated at 1,500 hectares

Updates on wildfires burning in BC’s interior will be available Saturday afternoon.

On Friday, the Nohomin Creek Fire near Lytton was estimated at approximately 1,500 acres, or 15 square kilometers, the same assessment as Saturday morning.

The out-of-control blaze, located 1.7km northwest of Lytton, broke out on Thursday and grew rapidly as winds pushed its growth. First Nation officials said on Friday that at least six residential buildings had been destroyed.

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At least 6 homes have been lost as a 1,500-hectare wildfire ballooned in Lytton, BC.

In an interview with Global News on Saturday morning, BC Wildfire Service information officer Nicole Bonnet said overnight crews reported minimal fire activity and limited growth.

The extent of the fire is expected to be updated later in the afternoon, Bonnet said, but “the first priority is the response and protection of the homes in the area.”

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Bonnet also said additional personnel are expected to join the 80 or so firefighters on the scene.

Click to play video: 'Structures lost in fast-growing Litton wildfire'

Structures are missing in the fast-growing Litton Wildfire.

Structures are missing in the fast-growing Litton Wildfire.

Saturday’s plans include trying to establish control lines in the north and south, clean up unburned fuel and create small-scale flare-ups for helicopter landing sites.

“There was minimal fire activity on the north side of the fire, burning mostly downslope,” BC Wildfire said in its Saturday morning update. “Accessibility and terrain continue to be challenges for on-site personnel and resources.”

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‘Stay prepared’: Leeton First Nation official as bushfires burn in area Friday

‘Stay prepared’: Leeton First Nation official as bushfires burn in area Friday

BC Wildfire says the fire is challenging to fight due to steep terrain and heavy smoke. On Friday, officials said the nature of the fire was listed as four to five on a scale of one to six.

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“This means the fire is a crown fire with an organized flame front and medium to fast spreading,” BC Wildfire said.

“Tree candles and short-range sprinklers were observed. Winds reaching 30-40 kilometers per hour will push the fire to the west, at which point it will move away from the community.”

Evacuation orders have been issued by Lytton First Nation and the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD). Areas under evacuation orders include:

  • Nohomin IS 23
  • Papyum IRs 27, 27A
  • Lytton IR 27B
  • Tomb of Papium 27 c
  • Strain and 9
  • 24 addresses in electoral area I (Blue Sky Country).

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Rebuilding the community after wildfire

Rebuilding a community after a wildfire – June 30, 2022

TNRD has evacuation warnings for 31 properties in constituency 1 and has issued a state of emergency for the area.

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Bonnet, “In Thompson Nicola Regional District and Emergency BC.

Wind is expected in the afternoon, with a chance of rain on Sunday. Environment Canada is predicting a 60 percent chance of rain with a chance of thunderstorms. Winds of 20 to 40 kilometers per hour are also in the forecast.

“Although the rainfall is welcome, it will not do much in the way of providing any significant relief to the dryness of the land and the burning of the land,” Bonnet said.

In related news, Environment Canada has issued a smoke sky advisory for the Fraser Canyon due to wildfires. Conditions are expected to last 24 to 48 hours, although the forecast will be updated on Sunday.

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France is facing ‘one-of-a-kind’ wildfires, Macron says, as hundreds more evacuated

France is facing ‘one-of-a-kind’ wildfires, Macron says, as hundreds more evacuated

As of Saturday morning, there were 17 fires listed across the county. Four, including Nohomine Creek, are listed as uncontrolled (6) or impounded (7), most of which are either impounded.

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Additionally, most of the 17 fires were less than 10 hectares (8). However, there were six fires listed as larger than 100-hectares, with the largest listed at 4,700 hectares burning south of the Yukon border.

The out-of-control fire that started on July 2 is one of a dozen blazes in northern B.C.

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