28 years ago, eight firefighters survived a South Valley fire in their shelters

South Canyon Memorial
South Canyon Fire Memorial in Two Rivers Park, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the arrest and death of 14 South Canyon firefighters who were ravaged by a fire at Storm King Mountain near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. These firefighters are Kathy Beck, Tamera Beckett, Scott Belica, Levi Brinkley, Robert Browning, Doug Dunbar, Terry Hagen, Bonnie Holtby, Rob Johnson, John Kelso, Don Mackie, Roger Roth, Jim Thrush and Richard Tyler.

Barry Stevenson of Outside Adventure Media produced the short video below that looks at an often overlooked part of the event – the eight daunting smokers who took refuge in their fire shelters for two hours as the fires around them blazed.

If you haven’t watched it already, be sure to check out our excellent Lessons Learned video about the South Canyon Fire titled Everyone goes home. It includes numerous interviews with prairie firefighters who participated in or were on the site during the trap and killing of 14 firefighters.

For more information on the South Canyon fire, visit southcanyonfire.com.

author: Bill Jaber

After working full-time in prairie fires for 33 years, he continues to learn, striving to be a student of fire. View all posts by Bill Gabert

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