Volunteer Fire Departments seek help in Bosque County

Rising gas prices, persistent wildfires and a lack of volunteers are causing the Bosc County Fire Department to serve their communities.

Bosk County, Texas – The Bosch County Volunteer Fire Department needs help from the community. Droughts and wildfires are consuming their resources.

Morgan Volunteer Fire Department Fire Captain Bryant Clark said: “We are struggling financially because of rising gas prices.

Clark added that he and his co-workers pay hundreds of dollars a week to run their engines. Many wildfires, like the five-day wildfires that are now fighting, are consuming the resources of their group.

“There are still a lot of crashes, but Walnut is about to be released, it’s very close,” said Fire Chief Brian Moore.

The department understands not only their location but also the departments in the county. That’s why it’s important that Moore and Clark get the help they need now, so they don’t have to shut up.

“It puts pressure on other fire departments,” Clark said.

A recent Facebook post from the Bosc County Emergency Management Office called for help from community members. The volunteer fire department in Morgan received water, snacks and more from the community within 36 hours.

“Some of them went out and delivered it to the fire brigade, which is a blessing,” Clark said. “I want to thank them very much for what they did, and that has helped us replenish some of the water we use to replenish ourselves.”

Morgan volunteers should contact the fire department at morganvfd@windstream.net.

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