Firefighters contain forest fire near Machu Picchu after 3 days


Peruvian officials say firefighters were able to contain a wildfire near the Ikan ruins of Machu Picchu three days after the blaze, The Guardian reported.

On Tuesday, a fire in one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites destroyed about 100 acres[100 ha]of land – about 50 football fields.

According to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, 6 miles from the spectacular tower, the fire was started by farmers who were clearing their land to cultivate crops.

“We have been fighting the forest fires for the past two days and it has not been brought under control because the area is inaccessible,” said Roberto Abarka, director of the Cusco Risk Management and Security Bureau.

But on Thursday night, Peruvian officials said 90% of the blaze was contained by dozens of firefighters and police officers. Machu Pich himself was not affected.

On Thursday, Peru’s Ministry of Culture said no casualties were reported in this week’s fire at the Machu Picchu tourist activities.

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