99 percent of wildfires are caused by people | Opinion

This is not the time to play with fire.

The number and severity of brush and field fires – the farmer’s field is burning with volcanoes – Rainfall has been increasing in recent weeks in Central Susquehanna Valley.

According to the National Weather Service, we received 0.16 inches of rain in July, which is less than 1.3 inches of total rainfall in July.

As a result, grasses and meadows are more likely to turn brown, dry, and catch fire during sleep.

The National Enterprise Fire Center, the National Support Center for Wild Lands and other emergencies, indicate that our region is currently experiencing moderate to severe fires.

This is not a typical wildfire. The state’s Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources (DCNR) said the worst wildfires occur in March, April and May, and in October and November.

Regardless of the season, 99 percent of wildfires are man-made, so it is a time for everyone to avoid unnecessary fires, and especially for neighborhood fires and outdoor fires.

Sunday morning, a fire broke out in the American Legion Building on Milton’s North Front Street.

A small tree near the building caught fire on Sunday morning from an unknown source. Before the flames engulfed the basement, it spread to a small mark and into the mule, burning the floorboards and emitting harmful fumes throughout the structure. U.S. Legion officials say they were lucky and reported the fire. Volunteers responded quickly to the alarm.

While on the subject, the Milton American Legion asked volunteers to repair and assist in clearing the confusion caused by the fire on Saturday at 10 a.m. at 401 N. Front St.

“Anyone of any age can help because there can be jobs at all levels,” said Denise Umermer, postman of the Armed Forces.

These fires are important for all of us to be aware of, especially in the event of a fire that could spread rapidly, cause damage to property, and remind us not to start a fire that could endanger the safety of others.

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