‘Moments of Panic’ as Passengers on Halted Train Are Surrounded by Wildfire

The horror echoed in the train carriage, the locomotive stopped on the track, surrounded by wildfires on both sides.

The Spanish service from Madrid to Ferrol was temporarily suspended at 9.30am on Monday due to a fire near the route.

A video of the tense moment was posted on Twitter Francisco Sean PerezUnder the handle @PacoSeoanePerez, he is believed to be a passenger.

Video screens from @PacoSeoanePerez.
Passengers on their way to Spain were on a stationary train surrounded by wildfires on each side. Twitter user @PacoSeoanePerez posted a video of the gruesome scene.

Perez filmed the view from the right side of the train before zooming to the left to show the same fiery scenes.

Translated into English, the tweet read: “At 9.30pm on the Madrid-Ferrol train at Zamora-Sanabria, the train stopped for a few minutes and resumed its journey. The clip has garnered over 100,000 views since being shared.

Train company Renfe has shared a series of warnings against the fire, while Adif has confirmed the suspension of services between Otero de Bodas and Zamora, including on the AVE and Alvia Galicia-Madrid trains.

“Alternative road transport between Zamora and Sanabria AV stations,” they tweeted, translated into English.

Renfe also a press release About the fire, translated into English: “All trains have been suspended until further notice. Renfe has arranged an alternative road transport service between Zamora and Sanabria AV stations for train passengers leaving their original station.

“At all times, Renfe’s actions are aimed at maintaining the safety of the service and ensuring the integrity of passengers.”

“The remaining services between Galicia and Madrid are suspended until train traffic is restored.”

Europe is in the throes of a heatwave, England is enduring its hottest days ever, with the mercury expected to reach 104 degrees and the country has declared a national emergency.

On the continent, two wildfires have ravaged large areas in southwest France, while separate fires have burned in Greece, Portugal and Spain.

according to France 24A 69-year-old man and a firefighter have died in a fire in Zamora, northwestern Spain.

The official account of the region, Natureza Castilla Yo Leon, shared their condolences as they named the firefighter as Daniel GV.

“The most important thing in an operation is people. People who put their lives at risk. Today, Daniel Gavi, a C-9.9 fire engine hose operator, died while on duty in #IFLosacio. We never wanted to give our condolences.”

France 24 Up to 20 wildfires are still burning from the southwest to the northwest, local officials said, and have destroyed about 4,500 hectares.

according to AccuWeatherIn the year The death toll in Spain from the heat wave around July 10 has reached at least 368.

In Spain, Adolfo Suarez Madrid–Barajas Airport hit 108 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday, the website said, setting a record for the highest temperature in July.

A forest fire broke out in Avila, Spain.
Vast swathes of Europe have been set ablaze by an oppressive heat wave. In the year Flames consume trees during the Cebreros forest fire in Avila, Spain on July 18, 2022.
Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

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