Dramatic decrease in Okanagan wildfires compared to last year – Okanagan

As heat began to build in Oakana, the district issued an open fire ban for the Campus Fire Center Category 3. However, the BC Wildlife Service said that better rainfall and cooler weather are better this year than last year’s heatwave.

“But in terms of fire levels: in many places, from low to very low, I think we’ve seen very little fire activity here in the last week,” said Nicolas Bonnet, a firefighting officer at the Campus Fire Center. .

And we really only have one fire on the board, and it’s under control.

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Open fire limits are spread across the interior of the BC.

So far, KFC has seen 63 fires covering a total of 100 hectares. Last year, 41,856 hectares were burned by 151 wildfires.

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A.D. By the end of the 2021 fire season, a total of 497,495 hectares were burned in 456 wildfires at the Campus Fire Center.

In total, there were 1,610 fires last year, 868,203 hectares.

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An example of all the landscaping that fights wildfires has arrived in northern Oakana

“Things are greener. There is a lot more moisture in the soil, which is good, ”Bonnet said.

“But that means things grow faster, so you just have to remember. When the plant dies, in your backyard and around your property, you want to make sure you keep an eye on it and remove any dead plants so it doesn’t create a buildup of dead fuel.”

Fires are still allowed but BC Wildfire reminds residents to prepare with proper equipment and water.

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ABC’s Okanagan research can help reduce wildfires.

ABC’s Okanagan research could target wildfires – May 20, 2022

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