Dozens injured in Portugal wildfires as heatwave to intensify | Portugal

Thousands of firefighters and dozens of planes battled the blaze in Portugal, injuring 29 people.

According to the Portuguese government’s Broadcasting Artpi and local media, officials said 12 firefighters and 17 civilians were in need of treatment for minor injuries.

On Sunday afternoon, the Portuguese Civil Protection Agency said more than 3,000 firefighters were fighting the blaze.

The country is tolerating the worsening heat wave, which is expected to reach 43C (109F) on Tuesday.

On Sunday, the European Union (EU) launched a firefighting assistance program that will allow EU member states to share resources to help Portugal.

According to European Crisis Management Commissioner Genez Lenarchi, Spain, which has recently endured wildfires, has assembled two firefighting aircraft.

The Portuguese government says it has deployed 60 firefighters. A.D. In 2017, wildfires killed more than 100 people.

The European Union (EU) has warned that the continent is facing one of the most difficult years for natural disasters, including drought and wildfires.

A fire in southwestern Spain has forced 30 residents to evacuate.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa has postponed his planned visit to Mozambique this week.

Portuguese President Marcello Rebelo de Susa has canceled a trip to New York to address the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Last month, 96 percent of Portugal was hit by a “severe” or “severe” drought.

The Portuguese government has issued a stern warning that will last until Friday.

“This means that we can automate and prevent all emergency and civil protection plans at all levels of the state,” said Interior Minister Jose Luis Carnero.

The Portuguese government has banned people from entering forests that are considered to be particularly vulnerable to wildfires, as well as farm machinery and fireworks.

In a Twitter message, Costa warned citizens not to light fires outside or use heavy machinery that could cause fires.

“Fire prevention is the best aid we can give to our firefighters,” he wrote.

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