Wildfire closes Yosemite National Park’s famed Mariposa Grove, home to 500 giant sequoias

Yosemite National Park in California, Mariposa Grove, home to more than 500 secularists, was closed Thursday, park officials said.

The fire, which is burning near the lower part of Mariposa Grove, covers 60 to 70 hectares of land, the park said on social media.

“Firefighters are pushing the blaze from the ground and into the air. Mariposa Grove is closed until further notice,” the park said. However, other areas of Yosemite remain open.

Park service shared a Photo Orange flame between red woods.

The most popular destination in the park, Mariposa Grove, is home to more than 500 feet of “over 500 giant squirrels.”

President Abraham Lincoln In 1864 a law was signed to protect Mariposa Grove as a “public use, resort and recreation area.”

California Fire destroyed more than 2.5 million acres last year and destroyed three people in a wildfire that killed more than 8,800 people last year, according to Caller Fire 2021.

Other fires are currently raging in the region. Electric fires in the provinces of Amador and Calaverras burned 4,272 acres, and 60% remained until Thursday. Rice Fire in Nevada County covers 904 acres, and 98 percent is stored until Thursday, according to the Cal Fire Fire Tracker.

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