Please don’t start a wildfire

The wildfire in Warton County, which started as a small fire on Sunday morning, destroyed an estimated 15,000 acres before it was completely extinguished, the largest wildfire in New Jersey in 15 years.

As pilots continued to work to extinguish the blaze on Tuesday, smoke in some parts of the region caused fog and some air quality problems.

This should not have been the case, according to Sean Latoret, commissioner of the New Jersey Forest Fire Department.

Most wildfires are caused by carelessness and “it is important to know that because it puts us in a position to avoid such situations,” he said.

Illegal fire is suspected.

New Jersey Forest Fire Chief Greg McLawlin said Tuesday that the cause of the blaze was an illegal and careless temporary fire.

In New Jersey, you will need a permit to camp at a camp site designated in the State Forest, and your permit will be used as a camp fire permit, but only in the designated area.

Camp tent

(Getty Stoke)

“I do not think that people in general are sick,” says Latoret. ”

Be careful in nature

Latoret says: “We need to take a serious look at our natural environment, and that includes making sure that we do not have to deal with a forest fire.

It is against the law to set up tents and build fires outside of a designated camp, “he said.

In New Jersey, he said, we all need to make sure we care. “

Wildfire in Wharton State Forest 6/19/22

Wildfire in Warton State Forest 6/19/22 (6 ABC Action News)

Investigations into the blaze are ongoing, and state officials have not said whether criminal charges will be filed once the investigation is complete.

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These are some of the best hiking trails in New Jersey.

A trip to New Jersey should not be just about the beach. Our state has some amazing roads, waterfalls and lakes to enjoy.

From the pineapple to the Appalachian Trail to the hidden gems of New Jersey, you have plenty of options for great hiking. Walking is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, and it is also a great exercise.

Before you walk down the aisle and explore some of our audience’s tips, I have some tips on walking behavior from the American Walking Association.

If you run into a steep slope, walk to the side and give it a steep turn. A hiker has the right of way, as long as he does not stop to catch his breath.

Always stay on the trail, you may see sidewalks, unless they are marked as public trails, away from them. Outside the trail can damage the ecosystem, vegetation and wildlife around the trail.

You also do not want to disturb the wildlife you encounter, just stay away from wildlife and keep walking.

Cyclists must surrender to pedestrians and horses. Travelers should also give horses, but I am not sure how many horses you will encounter in New Jersey.

If you are planning to bring your dog on a hike, they should turn around, and make sure to clean all pet litter.

Finally, take note of the weather. If the trail is very muddy, it may be best to avoid hiking for another day.

I asked our audience to comment on the best hiking trails in New Jersey.

Great places to visit in Cape Town, NJ

15 Exciting Places to Visit at Beach Heights and Beach Park

From leisure trips to all-board food and plenty of water amusement, the beachfront and adjacent beach park has been a family-friendly place for all ages.

Along the way, Beach Heights Board Road and Casino Pierre were hit by a series of catastrophes – such as fire, super storm sandy and other fires. Both have proven their resilience through reconstruction and expansion.

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