California fire officials and FBI track illegal drones near wildfires

During a wildfire, firefighters often fire fires from the ground and sky – water and fire protection to prevent the spread of the fire by sending permanent wing planes and helicopters. If an unlicensed drone flies into the emergency response zone, all efforts must stop.

“We don’t know what the operator’s motive is for the defense of those drones,” said Captain David Laub, of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Heads causing a great deal of danger to their crews and aircraft.

But when they stopped, the fire continued to burn.

“It continues to burn. It’s getting bigger. It threatens people’s homes, property, the environment, the infrastructure – everything,” Laub said.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now a problem in southern California, according to officials at supermarkets at affordable prices.

One of the drones that flew through the LA County Fire Department.

People want to get a closer look at what these massive fires look like, they often do not realize how disturbing a drone is.

But with this new partnership, he said, it would be within 30 seconds if the unmanned aerial vehicles were identified and launched into the air.

“When the detection device detects the drone and identifies the operator, we quickly send the information to the hacking team and we can connect with that drone operator and stop them from flying that drone,” said James Pico. III, FBI Los Angeles Field Office Massacre Coordinator.

With the help of a special sensor group, you can be notified if drones fly to that area by setting as much or as little as you want, which will immediately get accurate details such as altitude, direction, speed and where the plane took off. And where the control is currently standing.

They show the perimeter that the authorities have set up to control drone use.

Teams are deployed around the event, ready to take action if a distressing drone is identified. They immediately set out to abduct the supervisor.

“The first thing is to order them to return the drone. Explain that there was a wildfire and that flying the drones during a wildfire is really a federal crime,” Pico said. Indifferent and criminal – most are willing to obey immediately.

The federal office has no permanent staff or financial support for the health impact of the climate crisis

“If you have no clue or care, we quote or warn you not to do it.” “If you do something very bad and you stop working or you refuse to obey, we have a federal criminal case to file.

But the use of drones is not lost on the Los Angeles County fire. They have a team that uses drones to set fires and wildfires, scan both fires and then zero in the tropics.

“We can do a 360-degree rotation around the whole fire.

A 50 to 200-foot drone over a fire can provide important information to help the fire chief determine where to deploy personnel and, as an alternative, avoid sending firefighters to unsafe rooms in the building.

LA County Fire Department official builds a drone equipped with an infrared camera.

“I can switch from a standard video screen to an infrared screen so I can see where the hot spots in the building are,” Nardone said. “We can see anything and everything we want to see.”

In wildfires, drones are used to look over cliffs and cliffs – otherwise they are hard to see, says Nardon. This saves resources from going to distant places to find out how the fire is going.

The endangered species law was repealed by a federal judge after the Trump administration weakened

For CNN’s special show, Nardone flew a drone equipped with a high-definition camera and found a fire in a structure. As the drone flew from one floor to the next, Nardon entered the building through the windows.

On the screen, a white-hot, amoeba-like block came into view – a small heat source with Laub for this display, and a long-frame infrared camera. The drone caught more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit[300 ° C].

Since the camera was viewing temperature signatures in infrared mode, the smoke emitted did not affect visibility.

But there are limitations. In a structural fire, the building is an integral part of the type of material it is made of.

Single-use plastic waste is being released in California under a new law.

“You never see on a concrete wall, so I have a big fire and I never knew it was there. But if I have a single family made of aluminum or wood, I will probably see it. He needs to know exactly what kind of heat signatures will be included in the building materials. ”

The Los Angeles County Fire Department and the FBI plan to expand their partnership in Southern California and beyond by building this drone defense model.

“We created this from the ground up. There was nothing we could actually go through,” Laub said. He and Pico began working on this program before the outbreak began. “No one else in the United States has done that.”

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