Spain: Moment man escapes raging wildfire with clothes in flames

A Spanish man running from fire and smoke, increasing his property

Angel Martin Arjona was digging a hole when the fire engulfed him (Image: Reuters)

This is the incredible moment a Spanish man escaped a wildfire with his clothes engulfed in flames.

Angel Martin Arjona was pictured as the fire raged after he tried to dig a trench to protect homes near the town of Tabara in Zamora province.

As the wind changed the direction of the fire, his rig was suddenly engulfed and quickly disappeared from sight in a sea of ​​smoke.

Miraculously, the 50-year-old warehouse owner, beating the flames on his clothes, disappeared from the fire.

After his miraculous escape, he was airlifted to hospital with severe burns.

According to family friend Jose Taba, he is in critical condition in a specialist burn unit in Valladolid, but he spoke to his wife this week.

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Smoke and flames rise from behind a series of buildings

The wildfire broke out near the town of Tabara in the province of Zamora yesterday afternoon (Image: Reuters)

‘He is in a critical condition but is conscious. He talked to his wife or made signs.

“We have to take things step by step, it’s a very complicated situation.”

Although the temperature in Spain is gradually decreasing, it has been at a high level for the past two weeks.

This has prompted the country to issue an ‘extremely dangerous’ fire warning.

Thousands of residents and tourists were evacuated, while firefighters and volunteers scrambled to contain dozens of fires burning in dozens of dry forests.

Mr Arjona's dig has caught fire.

Mr Arjona’s rig caught fire within seconds (Image: Reuters)

    The Spaniard is running from the fire.

A short time later, the fire was seen to go out (Image: Reuters)

At least two people have died in Spain’s wildfires linked to global warming, PM says ‘climate change is killing’.

The fire in the Tabara area has begun to be contained, while others have burned nearby, including a wind farm.

Rafael Reyes, head of the Madrid regional fire service, urged anyone who saw smoke to call the emergency services.

He said to the local television station, ‘If a small fire that can be controlled is just starting, we should try to suppress it with soil, sand, water or cutting green branches and hitting the base of the fire. Antenna 3.

After fires broke out in the UK on Tuesday – officially the hottest day ever – several brigades have declared major incidents.

In London, crews had their busiest day since the Second World War as they tackled the blaze which destroyed 41 homes in a matter of hours.

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