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Evaluate disaster response

In December 2021, a performance review was completed in response to the ESS and EOC efforts by the White Rock Lake Fire Department.

The staff began work on the opportunities identified in the White Rock Lake Fire Examination (AAR). Copies of AAR were shared with all regional stakeholders and EOC and ESS support agencies.

The Armstrong City Council will receive the report at its regular meeting on Monday.

Twelve opportunities identified:

Increasing community readiness

  • The Community Emergency Management Information Session was held on May 5. The evacuation plan will be completed by the end of 2022 and will include a community information session.

Expanding manpower resources on call.

  • Employees have updated on-call employee contacts and expanded property listing to support EOC efforts. The Eco Human Resource Assessment is being finalized in consultation with the CSRD Emergency Management Program. Considerations include volunteer management, training, employment, staff needs, and 2023 financial issues. 3

Estimation for regional support model

  • Discussions at the CAO and RDNO Director level. Emergency program coordinators continue to seek opportunities to work together on a regional model, including financial support, training, and resource sharing.

Emergency notification system

  • The City of Armstrong is committed to participating in the RDNO Peasi Alertable Notification System. Once the agreement is signed with the RDNO, staff training and public access and education will begin.

Staff Training and Development

  • There is no planned JIBC emergency management training in the fall of 2022. Employees will participate in the December 2022 evacuation line training.

Mutual aid agreements

  • Discussions at the CAO and RDNO Director level.

Financial Management

  • Staff reviewed financial management opportunities with EMBC Regional Director Terry Olson and will set up a training, question and answer session in September.

Eco readiness

  • Once staffing dates have been set, equipment, procedures, and layout will begin for the new City Hall.

Fair readiness and fair land use agreement

  • The staff met with Spalumchin City and Canlan staff to assess opportunities for equitable land readiness and use of ISS support. ESS fairground usage recommendations will be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Commission in September, including camp payment fund management and equity lease management and ESS support.


  • The city has improved and expanded its online communication and social media presence and is finalizing an MOU with RDNO to participate in the Peasi Alertable Mass Announcement Program.

Special concerns with support services and agencies

  • The staff discussed with the Canadian Red Cross Society, BC Wildlife Service and Emergency Management BC and evaluated improvement opportunities. This includes Level 3 ESS support, warning and order notifications, communication management, asset approval approvals.

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