Wildfire concerns prompt some SoCal park closures for Fourth of July

At least two Southern California parks have been closed due to fears of a fire on July 4.

The 1,200-acre North Iwanda Guard will be closed by Rancho Kukamonga from 8 a.m. to 6 a.m. Tuesday due to a fire, officials said.

The closure is important to “protect public safety and prevent wildfires that could damage or destroy the region’s natural resources,” the city of Rancho Kukamonga said in a statement.

In addition, parts of the Angeles National Forest, including the Millard Campus, will be closed from Friday to Thursday. The Chaney Road Gate to Millard Day and the campus will be closed to traffic on those days.

The gates were closed, and many firefighters were worried that the flames could spread. The first three months of the year are the driest in California, and the moisture content of oil – or the moisture content of plants – is dangerously low.

Southern California fire officials warned last month that the region’s vegetation would be at least four months ahead of drought, meaning large areas of land are easy to catch fire.

In an effort to prevent a worsening situation, city, county and state officials have vowed to curb the use of illegal fireworks over the weekend.

“Illegal fireworks continue to be a major threat to public safety in California,” Mike Richwin, director of the California Department of Forests and Fire Protection, told a news conference.

According to Richwin, illegal fireworks include sky rockets, bottle rockets, Roman candles, air shells, M-80s or “anything that pushes, explodes or travels out of control.”

“Once again, with the risk of drought and wildfires, we will not tolerate such dangerous and illegal products in our region,” he said. Remember, on this fourth July, a small flash means less fire or a wildfire.

Los Angeles City AT. Mike Fuer said authorities were similarly monitoring illegal fireworks this week.

“The risk of spreading fireworks quickly is high this year, not to mention the current and life-threatening injuries. That’s why we are starting early this year.

Rancho Kukamonga Fire Marshall Rob Ball described the closure of North Ethanda’s protection as “a local treasure and a historic place in our community.”

“Those of us who are urging us to use fireworks on the fourth of July will endanger our homes and open spaces in the wildfires,” said Ball.

Dana Diorx, spokeswoman for the National Forest of Angeles, said the conditions for the holiday weekend were dry. Last month, wildfires in the Angeles National Forest grew to 865 acres[865 ha].

“Fireworks are banned on public lands – in the woods, in camps, on a daily basis,” she said, adding, “If people don’t bring fireworks, that’s how we help keep everyone safe.”

A.D. She said all existing closures will remain in place, including the site of the Bobkat fire in 2020.

The current fire extends beyond public parks. Earlier this week, California’s largest timber company Sierra Pacific Industries announced it was closing its forests to the public on Friday due to the threat of wildfires. Officials said the closures could last until the fall.

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