European countries to help Greece in fight against forest fires

Athens is the first of more than 200 European firefighters to arrive in Athens to help their Greek counterparts cope with wildfires.

On Saturday, 28 Romanian firefighters were welcomed by the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christopher Stilianis, and the Greek Fire Service.

Greece, along with other countries, including Romania, Russia and Turkey. They helped Greece fight a massive forest fire in August 2021, destroying the entire country and northern part of Ivia, the second largest island in Greece, and the southern part. Peloponnese Peninsula.

This year, the European Union created a “pilot preliminary project” that will lead to a permanent pan-EU cooperation program.

Romanian firefighters, who arrived with five fire trucks, will operate in Attica, including the capital Athens, until July 31.

Those who arrived on Friday, July 15, will be replaced by an equal number of Romanian firefighters. In August, 25 people were taken by French troops.

A team of 16 Bulgarian firefighters arrived in the central Greek city of Larissa on Friday, where they were welcomed by local officials and fire officials. Bulgarians live in the area in July.

On July 15, 16, German firefighters begin work in Peloponnese; At the beginning of August, 14 Norwegian and 24 Finnish firefighters will be relieved, and in mid-August they will be replaced by the same number in their home country.

Forest fires often occur in Greece, which is characterized by hot and dry weather and frequent strong winds. Climate change means that wildfires are prolonging.

Greek officials say rising oil prices have exacerbated the problem of aircraft-based fire services.

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