Soap Lake wildfire evacuations lifted, 2 firefighters hurt – KIRO 7 News Seattle


LOW SOAP, WASHINGTON – Grant County Sheriff’s Office has removed all the evictions caused by wildfires east of Lake soap, Washington.

Sheriff’s officials said 50 homes exposed to the fire at 11 a.m. were not at risk until Tuesday night.

Authorities say two firefighters were slightly injured when a water truck overturned on Tuesday. Officials previously indicated that the vehicle had slipped on its soft shoulder and rolled three-quarters of a roll.

Workers responded to four fires in the county on Tuesday.

Fire officials have warned people to be careful with any fireworks in the county this weekend, KREM-TV reported. Fireworks are usually legal in the county.

Fireworks are illegal in Seattle, the unincorporated King County and most Pugget Sound cities.

A.D. By 2020, state fires caused $ 1.3 million in property damage, the Seattle Times reported. Fireworks cause harm and anxiety to some people associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and animals.

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