‘Everyone Knows Shreyas Iyer’s Weakness Against Short Ball, It Has Spread Like Wildfire’

India thrashed England in their third T20I match, despite not being able to chase the 216 run at Trent Bridge Nottingham. With the men in blue down to 31/3 in the third round, they all returned to the nest, along with Rohit Sharma, Vierat Kohli and Rishab Pant. However, Suriakumar Yadav and Shreias Air broke the deadlock with 119 runs.

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Surya scored 117 of the 55 goals, while Ayr played the second in 28 rushing yards and his short-term deficit was evident on several occasions. He scored two or six goals in his career but failed to keep up the pace. The 26-year-old has struggled in IPL 2022 and has been sidelined for a number of games in South Africa.

Speaking on Cricbuzz live, former Indian goalkeeper Pathier Patel Eyer is now being tested by opponents around the world as he knows his shortcomings on the short ball. He said that the right-hand man should find a way out.

Commenting on the match, Shreias Air added that he had to take responsibility for most of the race, in collaboration with Suriakumar Yadav.

“He’s a much better player than anyone who wants to be dragged out of his trunk. Father Sab Ko Pata Chal Gadia Hai (everyone knows his shortcomings on the short ball). So, you have to plan and get out. If not, it will be exposed.

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Meanwhile, former Indian pastor Rapi Singer said the shortcomings of the short ball had ‘spread like wildfire’.

“This short ball could not play, so it spread like wildfire. It is impossible to go to the stump and play because sometimes a third person can get up or the good foot can get up. This will stop your running. Shreias needs to take a single one and go to the other end.

If you pull back, your stems will be exposed and you will be more likely to hold a clean bowl. Even in the IPL, we have seen Umran Malik ousted. When you play international cricket, people try to expose you. According to Rapi Singh, you have to decide if you can take a single and go for a big shot.

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