A later visit to the Scottish brochure.

Scotland is rich in myths and legends, from ancient ruins to ruins, wars, and myths. Stories like these are scattered all over the world and we look forward to sharing some of them with you throughout the year.

Moments in Time – Explore Caisteal Grugaig.

My name is Meghan. I am a content writer for Forestry and Land Scotland, which I think will make me a modern storyteller by exploring my stewardship and protection.

Since Scotland is a year of stories, I think the best place to find inspiration is to look for a friend. So, I set out to find our local archaeologist Matt, who had been my adventure for over two thousand years.

We met at a castle, a crumbling stone building, hidden in the woods over Lock Alish. This is my first visit to the brochure.

As we examined the wreckage, Matt pointed to various structural elements hidden in the wall. These clues are an essential part of the brochure – such as double walls, interior stairs, entrances and curiosity rushing to the interior. According to Matt, the stone was built to hold a wooden floor. For me, this brochure brought life to life. I began to think that the structure once looked like – not like old ruins, but like a new building.

Stone brochure area view Matt next to the Caistal Grugaig brochure.

Matt explained that these circular stone towers became popular 2400 years ago on the Atlantic coast of Scotland. Some have special features, such as triangular stone, as shown in the introduction to Caistal Grugaig. They may have been assigned by wealthy families and may have been built by experienced builders (or overseers) traveling between places.

As soon as the brochure is completed – a wooden floor is laid out, a heavy front door is hung and a grass roof – it must be left standing, filled with all the sights and sounds of everyday life. This should be a very special time in the season, which gives the participants a sense of accomplishment and a great deal of joy as they wait for others to enter. I was imagining the happiness of the new owners, and they were talking and laughing. They share their first meal around the stove or roll over to sleep on that first night.

Browns is a truly unique aspect of Scotland’s rich ancient history and I really enjoyed exploring it!

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