A new approach to strengthening state governance is moving forward in Peru

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The AIDESEP Extended Council has approved the regional administration facility. Source: Survindi

Edissep, May 30, 2022 / Indigenous organizations express support for new regional administrationState Administration Mechanism In Spanish, or MCT) is designed to deliver climate money directly to the home regions where you are most needed.

At the meeting of the Peruvian Rain Forest Development Nationalities Association on Saturday, May 28, the initiative of the State Administration was unanimously approved.

The meeting brought together the full board of directors of AIDESEP and representatives of regional organizations that support the organization. Participants noted the importance of such a method.

Marcio Hala (Brazil) described the joint design of the Panama State Administrative Facility in Panama and the roadmap for its first year of implementation. Source: SERVINDI

The Lima meeting is a recent development on the roadmap for the Panama Forest Trade Communities and State Administration, held April 8-9.

Indigenous peoples, including the Panama Joint Design Workshop, the Mesoamerican Peoples and Forest Coalition (AMPB) and the Amazon Basin Indigenous Organization (COICA).

On the Amazon side, AIDESEP (Peru), the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE) and the National Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia (OPIAC) participated.

The Panama Workshop mapped out a roadmap for the first year and focused on identifying Indigenous participation in the facility’s administrative structure. Member organizations are directly involved in decision-making.

Agreements in Peru

In addition to approving and approving state mechanics on behalf of Peru’s AIDESEP, Miguel Guimares and Oswaldo Jup have been identified as political and technical focus.

In the first year of its implementation, the Panama Workshop was instrumental in the joint design of a regional administration facility with the input of national organizations. In the picture, George – Perez, president of Aidesep, describes the contribution of one of the working groups. Source: SERVINDI

It also agreed to prioritize two pilot initiatives in two AIDESEP regions, namely the Indigenous Regional Association of Indigenous Peoples in the Central Forest (ARPI SC) and the Urubamba River (Kumaru) Machengega Council.

The meeting was attended by Marcio Hala, director of the new regional administration, who expressed skepticism about the expansion of the forest trades.

Hala emphasized that the facility was not a comparable fund.

In particular, it seeks to build a technical and financial support mechanism for the transfer of climate funds to indigenous and local communities instead of staying with intermediary agencies.

This method is crucial, given that only 1 percent of climate change funding is currently directly available to communities.

The AIDESEP Extended Council is the main national governing body of the AIDESEP after the National Congress. Photo die AIIDESEP


The main purpose of the State Administration is to strengthen the political, economic, state and cultural governance of the indigenous peoples and the local communities.

In this regard, it is a unique approach that seeks to enhance and complement other efforts and align with the indigenous territories, highlighting technical and financial capabilities, especially indigenous leaders.

Click here to contact Marcio Hala, director of the State Administration Facility.

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