Health experts encourage getting ‘wildfire smoke ready’ ahead of peak fire season | National

Missoula, Mont – Missoula health officials encourage people to prepare for the coming fire ‘Wild Fire Smoke Ready Week’ full of events.

The weather is fine this winter, but weather quality specialist Sarah Cofield says the forecast is warmer and drier. All green plants are expected to dry out, increasing the risk of fire.

The worst time to get a filter is when the smoke is already here, she explained. As we have seen in recent times, people are looking for empty shelves and are late for transportation.

When people breathe in the smoke of wildfires, small particles of dust particles are released into their lungs, says Cofield.

She listed some of the effects. It aggravates COPD and asthma attacks, increases the risk of heart attack and bleeding, and increases the risk of infectious diseases and death.

What experts still do not know is what it means for the general public to be exposed year after year.

“Smoke may not bother you in the first place,” says Coyfield. Feelings of heaviness in your chest, perhaps some screaming, a general feeling of loyalty, I think this should be a scientific term. It is your body that responds to the insults of the system. ”

The longer these events take place, the less tolerant they become.

The more they are exposed to the effects of smoke exposure, the more severe the effects, she added.

However, there are ways for people to prepare.

If a house has a forced air heater, you can just turn on the fan and install an effective filter.

Filters can be entered into air conditioners depending on the model. Some parts require certain filters to avoid damaging the coils.

Finally, people can buy a portable air purifier or attach a filter to a tape box fan.

Northwest Energy customers are eligible for a $ 100 discount on Energy Star air purifiers. Learn more here.

When it comes to getting a good filter, Cofield recommends a Merv 13 rating or at least a Merv 11 rating.

As part of a wildfire smoke ready week, there are many ways to get involved.

The first wildfire trivia night will take place at Imagine Nation Brewing on Wednesday at 5 ፡ 30 p.m.

Experts are also available to answer questions at Out to Lunch and Saturday Farmers Market.

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