Are There More Doors or Wheels? Shutterstock Settles the Debate


Are you #TeamDoor or #TeamWheel? Or maybe you’re #TeamIHaveNoClueWhatYouAreTalkingAbout?

In which case, allow us to explain: Wheels vs. Doors is the latest debate to burn through the internet, with TikTokers arguing over whether there are more doors or wheels in the world. No, really, let that sink in . . .

The meme isn’t quite as big as The Dress—that old chestnut!—but it’s every bit as bizarre. And, we’re admittedly obsessed. In fact, it got our wheels turning . . .

We at Shutterstock don’t know if there are more doors or wheels in the world, but we do know this: There are 536% more doors than wheels in our massive data set.

And, according to our data genius Shutterstock.AI, door images are 11.4% more clickable than wheel images.

So . . . #TeamDoors?

But, please, do peruse our collection of both.

#TeamDoor Images

Images via Pawel Kazmierczak, CherylRamalho, Andrea De la Parra, Alberto Andrei Rosu, NeoLeo, Mustapha GUNNOUNI, Leena Robinson, Travelpixs, NeoLeo, Moonwin, and MrOK.

#TeamWheel Images

Images via DondykRiga, photocell, Sanga Park, Anton Vierietin, Paul-André Belle-Isle, socrates471, Pixel-Shot, Guosheng Wu, CHALERMPHON SRISANG, DigitalPen, and Florance O’Neal.

Cover image via mkfilm and CHALERMPHON SRISANG.

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