New app allows users to track wildfires in real time

(Crown) – As we move further into the fire season, a new source is aimed at keeping Californiaers afloat and responsive to wildfires.

“We want to encourage citizens to feel a little helpless in a very vulnerable situation,” said John Mills, CEO of Watch Duty App. Monitoring in California is the goal of Watch Duty.

Kron On is now broadcasting live news.

The free app was launched last year in North Bay. “I’ve lost my land more than once, so it’s very private,” Mills said.

Watch Duty is co-founder of John Mills, a resident of Helsburg. Using a background, the software engineer created a way for residents to stay afloat in their region.

“User input but content is moderator. We are seeing a large number of citizens engaged in Lake Sonoma and Napa. We get dozens of photographs from different directions, ”says Mills.

About 25-30 moderators are posting fire-radio information and emergency services from emergency service accounts, working together to ensure that all information is accurate and in one place.

“Just because it is said on the radio does not mean it is true. Most of the time, we wait for confirmation, listen to tac channels, and monitor channels. Someone is looking for nicks and tweets from the police department, ”said Mills.

Watch Duty is now available across California with plans to extend beyond California.

After downloading the app, you have logged in and select which districts you want to receive notifications for. Allows you to check acres and control numbers by clicking the Active Wildfires Map.

Users can click on the camera icon in the top right corner to enter their own content. “Someone was texting a friend about a fire in their property. Now, he says, ‘Hey, let’s offer some value to the rest of the world and first responders so we can see exactly where the fire lines and the atmosphere are.’

More than 112,000 users and counting. Mills said they find new people unloading and contributing after each fire. Mills eventually become a resource for natural disasters, such as floods or major earthquakes.

The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores. You can find it on on your desktop.

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