Forest fire evacuations in southern France, firefighters slightly injured

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More than 600 acres[600 ha]in southern France are on fire. The minister said that 13 firefighters were slightly injured. Residents of the affected area have been displaced.

Fires broke out in the northern part of the Sivan region and in the parts of Garde, Ardeche and Buche-du-Ron. Fires also broke out in the suburbs of Arles.

Hundreds of firefighters have been deployed to fight the blaze tonight and that number will increase during the day. Firefighting aircraft are also used.

According to French media, 70 people have been displaced from the village of Bordeaux. In total, there will be about one hundred displaced.

Secretary Caroline Kaylo speaks to District Emergency Services

Forest fires are the result of a long and prolonged drought in southern France. It is now as dry as it was in early August.

The fires are often consumed by strong winds in the Ron Valley. This wind dries out the plants, making them more susceptible to fire.

Neglected cigarettes and barbecues can easily lead to forest fires, preventing residents from entering many mountain forests.

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