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For Nike Fajors and his family — Saba Fajors, Faiza Zarroug and Zina Fajors — Forest Park has delighted everyone since moving to St. Louis seven years ago. The kids are older today, but Nike says this will make the park more attractive.

“We can’t spend as much time together as we used to,” he says. “Forest Park gives us a great opportunity to go out and be together. Otherwise time will pass. Forest Park will help you appreciate family time, the outdoors and the sunshine.

One of the highlights of the year is Forest Park’s Eternal Annual Thanksgiving Day. “Every time you pedal, both hieroglyphics and bicycles can have something to enjoy.”

Nike adds that the park has recently made him and his teenager happy and healthy and promising.

“Three weeks ago, my daughter and I left our home in Olivet and went to the park. That was a great experience, and as I recently told my son, my dad lived up to 95, and I want to be a great-grandfather, so I want to live up to 100, ”recalls Nike. “Getting out of all this green air can help me be happy and give me hope I can do 100!”

Be magic

When there is nothing hidden and nothing in their hands, the members of Forest Park Eternal make their lives magical with their membership.

By becoming a member, you can also help Forrest Park continue to build stories for St. Louis and other generations.

By the way, member Sharon Daggerti said, “Who says no?”

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