Fire blazes in Contra Costa’s Port Costa

A brush fire near the small town of Contra Costa on Thursday at around 4pm on Thursday burned 20 acres[20 ha]sending heavy smoke into Highway 4, where residents were ordered to evacuate.

Contra Costa County Fire Department spokesman Steve Hill said:

Reported at 2 p.m., Scenic Fire was triggered by Eclay Pierre, near the Bul Valley Valley – very close to pedestrian and bicycle lanes. As he drove along the Carcinez Scenic drive parallel to the Carcine Strait, the fire appeared to be hovering between the surface of the water and the railroad tracks.

Rapidly rises to Second Alarm A small unoccupied area known as the Victorian Squid Hotel. Cal Fire was sent to protect the aircraft and the structures of at least one strike team – five engines and personnel – Hill said.

Firefighters and planes were able to contain the blaze, but the teams were unable to contain it, cricket fire department spokesman Steve Troter told Chronicle.

Within an hour, the fire department did not give any orders, but told residents to evacuate the area around Carcine Sensing Drive and Port Costa Reservoir.

“Gather the essentials that you can carry with you, including medicines, baby supplies, money, useful papers and photographs,” the fire department said in a statement. “Find any pets or animals and be prepared to catch or tie them up.”

At 4 p.m., Contra Costa County Public Works officials asked drivers to use alternate routes and closed the Carcunice Scanner Drive for traffic on Winslow Street and Lake Canyon.

Formerly known as Phoenix Fire, it was one of the first wildfires in northern California during the first week of summer, signaling the beginning of a devastating wildfire.

This is a growing story and will improve.

Rachel Swan is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email reach Twitter pick @Rashelswan

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