Evacuation orders issued as wildfire crews continue to battle ‘dynamic’ blaze near Lytton, B.C.

The BC Wildfire Service said the new wildfire, 1.7 kilometers from Liton, has grown to 75 hectares and is now a wildfire.

The Thompson-Nicola District has ordered evacuation for 24 addresses before 6 p.m.

Many ground workers, helicopters and air tanks were deployed to control the blaze.

“The nature of the fire is being affected by strong winds in the area,” BCWS warned on Twitter Thursday afternoon. “This is a dynamic situation and updates will be made available.”

According to BCWS, the Nohonim Creek fire broke out at 12 ፡ 45, and the cause of the fire is unknown.

The blaze, which started a few years ago, is located west of the Fraser River in the village of Liton. Homes and properties on the West Coast, part of the Littleton First Nation Reserve, escaped unharmed.

Photos of this recent fire show a large amount of smoke rising from the ground and structures along the way. The Lithuan boat, which is currently out of order due to high river flows, is nearby.

Access to the area is limited. West Coast residents have been crossing the Fraser River on the CNN railway for weeks now.

According to the BBC Hydro website, Litton Municipality’s power supply has been off since 1pm.

The events of 2021 are at the forefront of our minds

According to local and regional officials at 4 p.m. He said the release orders have been prepared for IR 23 Nohomin and Lytton IR9B.

“We have three elders on the fire line and we are working to make sure they are safe and put out the fire as soon as possible,” Hawgen said. People in his community who are under eviction orders.

“We’re having another fire near the Hell Gate. We need to be ready for more in a short time,” he said.

Why Lytton, BC, is one of the hottest places in Canada

Johanna Wagstafe explains how Liton Geography sets the village temperature above 30 C, 80 times in summer.

Rob Schweizer, director of operations at the Campus Fire Center, said about 54 crew members were on the ground and the RCMP and the local fire department responded.

“The events of 2021 and the impact on the village of Litton and the First Nation are at the forefront of our minds,” Schweizer said.

“We ask for your honor and kindness as we report on this incident. Our primary goal is the safety of the staff and the residents who are currently affected.”

‘Prepare Yourself and Your Family’

“Three structures are missing,” said Peter Brook, director of emergency operations BC Regional Operations.

Emergency orders, including food, shelter, and clothing, will be issued for up to 72 hours, according to Banda.

“The most important thing the people can do now is prepare yourself and your family for a fire in your area,” Banda said.

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