Almost 1,000 hectares destroyed in wildfire in southern France

Nearly 1,000 acres[1,000 ha]of land in southern France were destroyed by wildfires More than 300 firefighters were called in to arrest them.

The blaze broke out last night (Tuesday, June 28) in the Pyrenees-Orentales between Salisbury-Le-Chato and Opal-Perilos, and 320 firefighters were dispatched to extinguish the blaze and disperse the Salsa residents.

All residents have now returned home and “there is no longer any threat to housing, property or people,” said Etienne Soscope, general manager of Pyrenes-Orentales.

As of Tuesday afternoon, at least eight fires had been reported in the area and the fires were still raging, although not as dangerous.

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Mr. Stoscope said:[The fire] It’s less dangerous now than Tuesday night. [but] He stays active. We must continue our struggle on the south side, which separates Revstals and Opal.

Locals are still struggling with “violent cuts.” [and] Problems with drinking water supply, but the situation is not serious. “

A crisis room has been set up to address further issues.

Roads to RD5 and RD9 to Opal are still closed. Residents were asked not to travel to the area for their own safety and to ensure the “efficiency” of firefighting interventions.

Mr Stoscope said it was too early to say if the fire was sparked by a crime, but eight fires in the area appeared “unusual because we are not in a very dangerous situation.”

Many areas of France have been hit by severe fires in recent months, and the colonel, who helped extinguish an 80-hectare fire in the context of early June, warned of a “difficult summer.”

A fire in Gard (Ostani) destroyed more than 200 acres[200 ha]of land in mid-June and left more than 2,000 camps. At the beginning of the month, several forests were closed due to drought and strong winds in Var, both increasing the risk of fire.

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