California: explosive wildfire more than doubles in size overnight | California news

A wildfire in California on July 4 more than doubled overnight, quickly consuming more than 3,000 acres on Tuesday morning.

The wildfire in the dry grasslands and cliffs east of Sacramento has forced many people to evacuate, and California Forest and Fire Department officials continue to make necessary energy infrastructure threats in response. ).

The cause of the afternoon fire was under investigation, but officials said the fireworks or barbecue could be a good opportunity. It is just one of the dozens of fires burning in the dry West America for further fires. Months earlier, wildfires burned more than 4.5 million hectares of land across the United States, at some point in the region – more than double the 10-year average this year. ).

Authorities said Monday that the area was “burning at a dangerous rate” and that it was under 0% control, forcing holiday fans in the state to flee. According to Gary Redman, Sheriff’s Gary Redman, east of Sacramento, Gary Redman, who is celebrated by about 100 people at a beach near the river.

Redman told the Associated Press late Monday why the IDPs had to stay in power until late at night: “The trees are coming down. “The whole place was on fire.” Firefighters had to clear buses or patrol vehicles to clear the road. Along with PG&E staff, they were safely evacuated around 9:30 p.m.

The utility also said that the fireplace was in addition. Up to 13,100 customers were affected. A number of distribution fingerprints have been cut off to protect firefighters fighting firefighters at Amador County and Calfield.

# Electro-fire Burning on both sides of the North Fork Mokolumune River, unfortunately, has a very strong signature on the satellite this evening (as you dive into this short day you can see the smoke plum / pyromulus shifting to the infrared heat signature. #CAwx #CAfire

– Daniel Swine (@Weather_West) July 5, 2022

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# Electro-fire Burning on both sides of the North Fork Moklumune River, unfortunately, has a very strong signature for PC on satellite TV tonight (you can probably see the smoke plum / pyroquamulus signature infrared in this temporary sunset cycle). #CAwx #CAfire

– Daniel Swine (@Weather_West) July 5, 2022

With accusations of overheating, the furnace showed excessive cravings, producing high levels of air pollution to the foothills and Sierra.

“All over California, we are still paying the price for the prolonged drought,” said Calgary Battalion Commander John Hegy. The so-called “disaster preparedness” – a mixture of dried plants and heat that lasts until late at night – are signs of a worsening environmental climate. “The nature of the fires we see is not what we started with our profession,” he said, adding that the company should reconsider its approach to Behemoth.

Flammable hazards are now common in all seasons, but they are the highest in California during the summer and fall months, where wet rest is unthinkable, and plants are prone to rapid ripening and overheating. But the state will not be alone in overcoming these dangers. NIFC scientists have highlighted some of the high-risk areas in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and Texas in the coming months.

Alaska, which has been hit by unusual fires and dry conditions, has burned more than two acres[2 m]of land this year, endangering indigenous communities. More than 200 fires are burning in the state, and forecasters warn that this may be just the beginning.

On July 3, officials said in a statement issued on July 3: “While this year’s record-breaking season is not guaranteed, it does indicate a general state of drought in the state.” “It also shows how busy the firefighters are at the moment, which is still months away.”

The Associated Press reports.

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