Dozens of Wildfires Break Out Across Greece, Firefighters Scramble

Athens – In the summer of 2021, 52 wildfires erupted again in less than a day in Greece – at least one skeptic – The new democratic government built a fortress to withstand them.

A fire broke out on three fronts near the town of Amphisa in central Greece, in Delphi municipality, as a fire brigade was hit by strong winds, destroying olive trees and heading to the coastal town of Ithia.

Delphi Mayor Panagiotis Tagalis told the Athens-Macedonia news agency AMNA that a monastery had been evacuated and firefighters were trying to keep the fire out of the forest, an effort that was hampered by the wind.

With the help of 50 firefighters and three ground teams, five water cannons and municipal water tanks, the fire was contained.

European emergency alert number 112 has been sent to residents in the northern part of the Fokis region of Ethiopia, pending evacuation instructions if necessary.

Firefighters with the help of volunteers and local government workers, Janice Artopoios, said the firefighters fought a forest fire in the Portes area of ​​Akea in western Peloponnes.

For July 5, strong winds and high temperatures are expected in Attica, central Greece, western Greece, the Peloponnese and the East Aegean Islands.

The overnight wind and the Greek fire brigade helped to contain several fires in various parts of the country, and firefighters are still operating in Fokida and Peloponnes, which are often the scene of high fires.

Another major fire, at Mount Fokida, Parnasos, On July 5, it continued to burn in the main olive grove before it broke into several fronts and headed for the sea, Katmarini said.

“We are worried about the front from Etya to Agia Effemia, but the wind has helped us overnight,” Forgida Deputy Governor George Delmousos told the newspaper.

In another part of the Peloponnese, firefighters in West Ilya were called in. They had to deal with the July 3 fire that broke out in the neighboring neighborhood and spread across the borders of the province, creating another disaster.

Another fire on Mount Athos was reported on July 5, and it is expected to be hot and windy on a difficult day again.

Although fires in Greece are often caused by fires, the cause of the extreme heat and climate change in 2021 was not immediately clear.

Residents and visitors are now advised not to have a barbecue or fire, to clean up after the holiday, and to remove gardens and fields from bags, fallen branches and other combustible debris, the report said.

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