Smokey Edison, NJ wildfire contained in industrial area

Edison – A wildfire in the industrial area of ​​New Jersey’s Trumpet was completely engulfed on Tuesday night.

The fire broke out at around 11 a.m. on Edison’s Field Road in the area known as Kin-Book Trash, according to the Edison City Administration. Firefighters from Edison and the New Jersey Forest Service consume 59 hectares of land at 6 p.m.

Edison Police Captain Ken Shreck was evacuated when smoke billowed into the ventilation of a warehouse on Saumil Road.

“No one is sick,” Shrek said in a statement. But we do not want them to smoke.

Smoke persisted for several hours as staff inspected the hot spots.

Wildfire on the field road in Edison 7/5/22

Wildfire on Edison 7/5/22 (NJ Forest Fire Service)

The cause of the fire

The State Forest Service is continuing its investigation into the cause of the fire, but Andy Tott, coordinator of Edison’s Emergency Prevention Bureau, said dry conditions played a role.

“At the moment we do not suspect any suspicious activity. Today it is really dry; It seems that Toth started out in the sun.

In June, two large wildfires erupted in the Atlantic and ocean counties.

The Brickworks fire engulfed 315 hectares of forest in the state of Brendan T. Bayrn on June 26 in Manchester and Woodland.

Wildfire on the field road in Edison 7/5/22

Wildfire on Edison 7/5/22 (NJ Forest Fire Service)

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