Increasing forest resilience with fewer trees – Forest Research and Access

You may have seen historical photos of the Sierra Nevada forest with cars driving through the big trees, or heard how a man rode his horse from the forest to the city with little trouble. Those open forests with fewer trees were more variable in structure and more robust than today’s forests. But what does […]

New advisors share critical wildfire knowledge – forest research and service

Reposted from UC ANR news UC ANR will hire more fire advisors to address the growing threat to California communities. Bringing additional expertise to the state, the California University of Agriculture and Natural Resources continues to hire fire advisors to help communities prepare for the most devastating climate-fueled threats. As California grapples with drought and […]

Study shows how restoring California’s stocked forests can bring many and varied benefits – Forest Research & Access

Prescribed burns and managed wildfires provide many benefits or ecosystem services that people rely on to improve fire protection in California forests through mechanical reduction. In an article published in Restoration Ecology, researchers from UC Merced, UCNR and UC Irvine report that stakeholders perceive fire protection as central to forest restoration, with many other ecosystem […]

The free wildfire publication makes it easy to understand fuel reduction permits on private land – Forest Research and Access

UCCE’s forest consultant helps landowners, community groups determine the best project options As Californians prepare for another year of drought and an expected high fire season, landowners and organizations across California are working to reduce the amount of forest fuels — flammable woody material — that can threaten their properties and communities. For most, however, […]

First, save trees. Tips for surviving drought – Forest research and service

Trees needed to reduce the temperature, to cool the “islands” Due to the drought, water restrictions are making California people prioritize how to use their limited water. Landscaping Irrigation is the main source of water for many households, so residents are looking outside to save water. Janet Hartin, a local horticultural consultant for the U.S. […]

Small fires learn to burn landowners – forest research and service

Smoke dripping down the forest like a gentle mist. Dried oak leaves sing, crack and turn to ashes. Neighbors, scientists, and agency staff lit the fire calmly and carefully. Ted O’Del’s grandson runs along the hill on Henry Hill to fix the tube. This is Odele property in Plaster County, and five of the 11 […]