Presumed disease program for wildfirefighters in effect this month in Victoria, Australia – Wildfire Today

Firefighters work to rescue their companion in Victoria, Australia. Photography by Forest Fire Management Victoria. The putative disease program approved by the Victorian Parliament last year came into effect on 14 September 2022. The program extends to wildland firefighters and includes “surge firefighters” who are government employees typically in other roles, but who perform firefighting […]

Successive forest fires still show moderate fire behavior

Cloud cover has spread across the region recently, bringing some damp and cold weather to parts of the state. Unfortunately, those clouds also obscured the locations of active fires and our ability to see smoke in satellite images. Although it rained recently in parts of the state, it was not strong enough to put out […]

Wildland Fire Management and Mitigation Committee plans to meet monthly – Wildfire Today

The Ministers of Agriculture and the Interior almost attended the first meeting in Utah First meeting of the Wildland Fire Management and Mitigation Committee, September 14-15, 2022. After the first meeting of the new 50-person Wildland Fire Management and Mitigation Committee in Utah, September 14-15, some details about the meeting were revealed. Almost two of […]

Forest Service seized PG&E equipment while investigating Mosquito Fire – Wildfire Today

The fire burned 76,781 acres and destroyed 78 buildings near Foresthill, California Mosquito Fire as seen looking at ENE from Auburn’s camera at 5:32 p.m. September 8, 2022. AlertWildfire. US Forest Service investigators working to determine the cause of the mosquito fire have seized one of Pacific Gas and Electric’s gas and electric transmission poles […]

Warm and dry until Tuesday, better weather for Wednesday

Dry and unstable conditions over the Cascades lead to increased smoke The high pressure peak responsible for our warm, dry weekend is peaking in strength today, bringing warm, dry conditions to much of the state. During the active fires in the Cascades, unstable conditions developed resulting in more active burning periods in the afternoon hours. […]