CBS Mayor Commending Efforts to Knock Down Forest Fire

The mayor of CBS is commending the effort to knock down a forest fire that came perilously close to homes in the Lawrence Pond area near Scott’s Road South over the weekend.

Mayor Darin Bent says they contacted forestry officials and local firefighters and, with the help of a water bomber, had the fire contained before it could spread to nearby homes.

He calls the efforts of the forestry team, the waterbomber crews and local firefighters who supported them, nothing short of “miraculous” in containing the fire in challenging conditions.

Bent says crews remain on the scene knocking down hot spots which could flare up at any time given the dry conditions of late. The water bomber was called back out to the scene yesterday afternoon.

Some relief could be on the way as warm, windy and dry conditions helped to fan the flames of the forest fire.

Provincial Forest Duty Officer Colin Carroll says some welcome relief from the dry conditions is expected this week. He says rain in the forecast for tonight and into tomorrow, could help.

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