Precision Integrated Systems Provides Unmanned Aircraft Services for Surveillance, Wildfire Management, and Recon

Lockhade Martin Stalker UAS and ground control station (photo accuracy)

Avionics He recently spoke with representatives of the prestigious UAS, a company that provides services to government agencies. Since 2018, the Precision team has been moving the UAS to the Department of Homeland Security (DOI), focusing primarily on “wildfire mapping, search and rescue, hot spot identification, and a local fire emergency response (BAER) in Lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii.” Emma Ballantyne, Contracts and Programs, Accuracy.

The usefulness of the services depends on the ability to fly at night or when drones are not visually adequate. For a wildfire map, it is especially important to constantly monitor the fire. As Balantine explains, “Collecting data at night is a good process, and in the morning our maps are prepared for human resources and decision makers.

In New Mexico and Arizona, Precision supported both DOI and the USFS last month. The company has previously deployed overseas with NaVAIR and other defense agencies, providing a variety of US spy, reconnaissance and reconnaissance flights.

A.D. During the 2018 and 2019 Precision deployments in the Middle East, both Lochid Martin Stecker and Aerovel Flexors were successful, Ballantyne said. “It has a good relationship with Lockhead Martin and Skunk’s work since 2014,” she said.

In February, Priscion provided support to Stalker VXE UAS for Lockhead Martin’s flight operations. A flight of endurance World record for weight loss. The aircraft, which was upgraded with an external wing, has been flying for more than 39 hours. He joined other partners in support of Presence Lochid Martin, including Edge Autonomy, Adaptive Energy and Composite Technology Development Inc.

According to Balantin, this success “has pushed the limits of endurance to a greater extent than previously thought, especially for the VTOL configuration. She pointed out that such successes are important for the industry as a whole.

Pictured are Precision’s hangar. The company’s ships provide services such as wildfires and surveillance missions. (Photo sharp accuracy)

Accuracy Unmanned ships In addition to the Stalker and Aerovel Flexrotor, SpektreWorks’ Cobalt-CR and Cobalt 110-G VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) as well as precision differential and precision UAS-X are included.

Accuracy has the ability to deploy globally within 48 hours notice, shared Ballantyne. Working as a small business allows them to provide fast response services. She said 95 percent of the company’s US operators have a military background, so “they understand the mission sets from their own experience. [are] Highly skilled and low-control, with advanced situational awareness and signature reduction experience, actively anticipate mission needs, and are ready to respond to many situations at any time.

Matt Parker, President of Precision’s, is a former member of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee, formerly known as the Drone Advisory Committee. Parker was first appointed to the FAA committee. January 2021 To advise on strategies for integrating the USS with the national airspace. B said in a statement. Avionics “It is encouraged by the current regulatory environment by allowing companies to verify their aircraft and certify their operations in Section 135.” He explained that the current regulation is in line with the standards set for human aviation by designing and maintaining drones.

“Part 135 of the company is the manufacturer’s control over the production of aircraft that have been certified for operation,” Parker added.

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