World News | Heat Wave Forecast for Spain, Portugal Fuels Wildfire Worry

Madrid, July 12 (AP) – Spain’s second heat wave in less than a month and the first of its kind for neighboring Portugal will last at least over the weekend, according to weather forecasters on Tuesday.

As temperatures rise in both countries, the situation is tense.

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Portugal can get the maximum temperature; The central Alentejo region is expected to reach 46 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Spanish Meteorological Agency estimates that southern cities, such as Cordoba and Seville, may be up to 42 degrees Celsius. Pontevedra, in northwestern Spain, says the region, which is rarely used for high temperatures, has a record of 41 ° C.

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According to meteorologists, the winds and tropical winds in Africa are rising above the Iberian Peninsula.

Both Portugal and Spain have begun a week of fires in both countries, with officials saying the fire could exacerbate the fire.

The Spanish Civil Service has helped 400 people evacuate from seven different villages near Las Huddes, near Las Huddes, in a wildfire that swept across 2,500 acres[2,500 ha].

Begona Garcia Bernal, the region’s agriculture director, said Monday’s fire was not expected to be contained soon. It looks like it started with lightning.

The Spanish Emergency Unit deployed about 300 firefighters and other response teams to fight the blaze.

In Portugal, hundreds of firefighters tried to contain the blaze, forcing dozens of people to flee their homes, especially in the villages around Santrem and Pombal.

On Saturday, the Portuguese government issued a state of emergency that lasted from Monday to Friday.

Further fire prompted Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa to extend his visit to Mozambique this week. President Marcello Rebelo de Susa has canceled a trip to the United Nations in New York.

The European Union (EU) has said that climate change is one of the most difficult years for the continent, with droughts and wildfires.

Spain experienced a week-long heat wave in mid-June and is said to be the first in 40 years. (AP)

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