Lots of Texans Celebrated the Fourth of July by Setting Off Wildfires

The traditions of July IV are important to many of us. Swim when the hottest summer starts! Gather with friends, family and neighbors to cook a hamburger set and watch Joey Chest win Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest! We are going to the park to watch the fireworks show! Now there is a new culture.

On Monday, the first collection of cultures was finally covered in many parts of the state. Some municipalities have canceled their shows in response to the drought, with Hill Country towns Borneo and Fredericksburg among them – while others continue to be led by optimism and “good hope.” The town’s annual fireworks display at Fort Worth, North Texas, took just a few minutes before the city’s annual fireworks display was canceled due to a “grassroots fire” on the banks of the Trinity River. . Emergency personnel responded immediately to prevent the fire from escalating and completely extinguished it by 10 pm 45, with no injuries.

The images before the fire looked like an obscure apocalypse, the fire burning behind the crowd. The video, on the other hand, is much clearer, with ambulances flashing before the lights go out, and the PA system exploding Milly Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.”

Fort Worth, by accident, was not alone in setting fire to dry land. At 30 minutes west of Parker County, commissioners banned private fireworks to prevent firefighters, and the fourth bomb blast at Hudson Oaks quickly became Blaine’s fourth. The field at Gene Voices Park burned in 30 seconds, says sports journalist Jamie Plunket. (No injuries reported.)

Firefighters in the state are busy setting up their own fireworks and occasionally setting fire to their neighbors’ homes. In the northwestern part of San Antonio, two families were displaced by a fire that was believed to have started. In the spring, on the outskirts of Houston, firefighters struck a chimney in a room and extinguished the fire. In the city of Kilin, Central Texas, where fireworks are illegal, the city’s Steel House Bridge caught fire after individuals staged demonstrations.

Grass fires were more widespread. Workers in the Houston area spent the weekend talking about grass fires, including the one on three acres of land at the Cyprus Friday night fireworks display. In Central Texas, authorities responded to five grass fire calls within 25 minutes of the temple. Outside the West, in Lubbock, National Weather Service Locals warned “If you are lighting a fireworks display tonight, you may endanger life and property” and then follow up Lots of grass fires People who did not seem to listen to his counsel were aroused. And back to Fort Worth, Panther Island was just the beginning: firefighters They responded to 189 calls At 11 ፡ 30 on the evening, with 17 calls on the same day last year.

Even if drought conditions are mild, some fireworks are expected. But 2022 will be much drier than we have seen in the last decade. In Texas, at least 65 percent of droughts are described as severe, extreme, or extreme, and only 4 percent of the state is at risk of drought (mostly in the Rio Grande Valley). Texas has one of the worst droughts in the world. It was 2011, and in some parts of the state – mainly West Texas – the current drought has made the land drier than it was that year.

The dangers are real. A.D. The drought in 2011 caused more than $ 7.6 billion in agricultural and livestock losses, and could continue to fall if the weather continues to fall. And that doesn’t mean the risk of accidental burning of your neighborhood while respecting your freedom. “Party in America” ​​of course!

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