Concerned about astronomical cost of Net Zero, Steve Baker MP joins Global Warming Policy Foundation

London, 21 May – The Global Warming Policy Foundation would like to announce that Steve Baker MP at the GWPF’s Board of Trustees.

Steve Baker-LP

The former Brexit minister was elected as an MP to represent Wycombe in 2010. He was previously a consulting software engineer and before that a Royal Air Force engineering officer. He is a Certified Aerospace Engineer with an MSc in Computer Science. He is also a Fellow of the RSA.

Steve became a Brexit minister after re-establishing the European Research Group (ERG) to bring the best ideas for a free trade international future for the UK to Parliament. He delivered the European Union (Withdrawal) Act in the Commons and worked across the government on readiness for our retirement, including on energy policy. His subsequent, successful battles are well documented.

Steve is the longest-serving Conservative on the Commons Treasury Committee. He also served in the 1922 Executive, enjoying being a Member of Parliament first, striving for social progress and prosperity through honest money, free trade and peace.

Mr Baker said:

“I am delighted to accept Lord Lawson’s invitation to become a trustee of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

“I am increasingly concerned about the astronomical cost of the current Net Zero plans. If they were to be drawn to their logical conclusion, it would mean the end of the comfortable lifestyle we have enjoyed for generations. Only the wealthy will be able to afford private cars or foreign holidays. Increasing numbers of people will not be able to take the heating of their homes for granted. ”

“If ministers do not now obtain and maintain the public’s consent for Net Zero with full and honest explanations of the costs and changes that lie ahead, there will eventually be a terrible uprising.”

“We need an investigation and a sober debate on our policy options, and that is what will help the GWPF achieve.”

The GWPF’s founder, Lord Lawson, said:

“I have long regarded Steve as the outstanding MP of his generation. I am delighted to welcome him to the GWPF’s board of trustees. ”


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