Wildfire between Merritt and Spences Bridge ‘moving at moderate rate’

(BC Wildfire Service/Screenshot)

Wildfire between Merritt and Spence Bridge ‘moving at a moderate pace’

The wildfire is currently 0.6 hectares.

A wildfire broke out about 30 kilometers northwest of Merritt.

The fire was marked at 0.6 hectares by the BC Wildfire Service at 7 p.m. On July 20, the Shackan Indian band is on the ground around the halfway point between Merritt and Spences Bridge.

The BC Wildfire is moving at a “moderate pace,” he said.

A first strike team is currently battling the flames, joined by a unit crew. Aerial resources are also used.

No structures are at risk at this time.

The fire is located on the east side of Highway 8, which is under construction due to flooding in November 2021.

Currently only wildfires are ongoing in the Nicola Valley.

Although the BC Wildfire Dashboard lists the fire as ‘new’, it is listed as ‘out of control’ on the current wildfires page.

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