Three fire crews battling ongoing wildfire for over 10 hours in Moray

Three firefighters are battling the blaze, which has been raging for more than 10 hours.

Calendar Desk Calendar icon.

Delete Circle icon with diagonal line.

Care Horizontal arrow icon to the right.

Email Paper envelope icon.

Facebook Facebook “f” icon icon.

Google Google “G” icon icon.

Connected. The icon on the “in” symbol is connected.

come out Icon representing exit.

Profile An icon that looks like a human head and shoulders.

Phone Traditional telephone receiver icon.

Mark Symbol icon.

It is public. The human eye and eyelids icon.

Not public A diagonal line of the human eye and eyelid.

Pause icon Two-line icon to stop interactions.

Mention Mark Opening quotation mark.

Mention Mark Closing verse mark.

Bow Arrow icon.

Folder Paper folder icon.

Breaking An exclamation mark icon on a circular background.

Camera Digital camera icon.

Care Care arrow icon.

Time An hour face icon.

close X-shaped icon.

Close icon An icon used to represent where an interaction takes place to dismantle or dismiss an entity

Ellipis 3 horizontal dots icon.

Envelope Paper envelope icon.

Facebook Facebook logo icon.

Camera Digital camera icon.

at home An icon of a house.

Instagram Instagram logo icon.

LinkedIn LinkedIn logo icon.

Microscope Magnifying glass icon.

Search icon A magnifying glass icon used to represent a search function.

next to Arrow icon to the right.

Advertisement Explanatory sign in circle.

Previous Left arrow icon.

Rating An icon of a star.

Account Account icon.

Twitter Twitter logo icon.

Video camera Video camera format icon.

Speech bubble icon Icon showing bubble

WhatsApp WhatsApp logo icon.

Information Information logo icon.

in addition Math ‘Plus’ symbol.

Duration Time icon.

A sign of success Green sign.

End of success Gray success sign.

Loading the spinner Load Rotation icon.

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