Local firefighters assist in Palo Pinto on wildfire

Richard Green

Seven firefighters from three Weiss County fire departments are battling a massive wildfire in Palo Pinto County.

Three Boyd firefighters, Chief Jason Genet, two firefighters from Genet and two from Bridgetport on Friday evening, joined the Montag County Fire Department.

Firefighters from Weiss County are assisting in a wildfire in Palo Pinto County. Photo by Jason Paradise

“They worked most of the night and took a few hours off and started this morning,” said Cody Paul Weiss County Emergency Management Coordinator. There will be up to 6 until the aid workers arrive.

Paul says Weiss County Firefighter Marshall Jeff Dowty has amassed local resources. Paul coordinates with emergency management coordinators in Palo Pinto and Montag districts.

Firefighters joined Weiss County Medical and EMS staff as they headed to Palo Pinto County Friday night to respond to a major wildfire.

The medical team is working with the North Texas Emergency Medical Task Force 2.

Weund County EMS Administrator Randall Preunninger said employees with Medicine 7 can work for five to seven days.

The staff will work to support firefighters fighting the more than 6,500-acre Dempsey Fire. It is between Graford and Mineral Wells. According to Texas A&M Forest Service social media, only 12 percent of the fire is contained. Aviation resources are helping firefighters.

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