Karuk leader Bill Tripp appointed to new federal wildfire commission – Times-Standard

Karuk, one of the leaders assigned to bring the fires back to the landscape, has been appointed to the new Federal Fire Commission.

On Thursday, Bill Trip, director of natural resources and environmental protection for the Karuk tribe, was one of 18 experts appointed by the Durland Fire Protection and Management Commission, established by the Parthian Infrastructure Law. The commission is expected to make recommendations to the federal government to address the problem.

Bill Trip (donated)
Bill Trip (donated)

“It’s an honor to be elected,” Trump said.

“I think we are in a new era where people are ready to listen to the views of Indigenous communities on this issue,” Trump said.

Indigenous communities traditionally used fire to control the landscape and ecological environment, but this changed during the colonial period. A.D. In 1910 a series of Middle West fires led the US Forest Service to pursue a policy of firefighting, and indigenous use of fire was criminally prosecuted. This combined with extensive logging of fire-resistant trees changed forest composition and created combustible materials.

Climate change has also turned forests into tungsten, triggering further wildfires, resulting in an increasing number of record-breaking fires.

According to a report from the Karuk tribe, he first learned the traditional method of using fire as a weapon. The Karuk tribe has been working locally, regionally and nationally for years to restore good fires, including ensuring that climate change is an integral part of the program.

State and federal officials have also embraced the idea that the best way to prevent fires is not to protect communities, and have begun investing in resources and expanding the use of traditional fires and regulated fires.

Seeing people at the state and federal levels begin to use words such as traditional burning gives me hope that we can see the attitudes of change that we really need to overcome wildfires and climate change. The problems we see in this case, ”Trip said.

Tripp said he looks forward to working with the commissioners for his first commission meeting next month.

“The Karuk tribe is very proud of Bill Tripp,” said Karuk chairman Russell ‘Booster’ Atteberi. “It’s a great honor to be a member of the Karuk tribe of President Biden’s team and we know that Bill will help federal agencies develop better strategies to deal with wildfires.”

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