Two wildfires cause evacuations in Millard County

Officials estimate that the fire burned a total of 900 hectares of land.

(Utah Fire Information) Halfway Hill Fire has burned more than 100 acres[100 ha]southeast of Pilmore and caused the evacuation of the nearby Virginia Hills.

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Two new wildfires have burned a total of 900 hectares of land, displacing Millard County, fire officials said Friday.

Dry Creek Fire, east of Oak City, has been evacuated from Oak City Canyon. The blaze was caused by humans and has now burned more than 800 acres[800 ha].

Halfway Hill Fire broke out today in Millard County, southeast of Filmore, and has burned more than 100 acres[100 ha]according to Utah Fire. Due to the rapid development of the fire, the Millard County Sheriff’s Office ordered the evacuation of the Virginia Hills section southeast of Filemore.

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