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Utah’s Great Salt Lake is drying up, threatening ecological, economic risks.

Utah’s Great Salt Lake has plunged to its lowest point this month in two decades of drought, a sad sign that researchers and politicians are on the brink of extinction. Experts fear that the nearby capital, Salt Lake City, is already in the grip of a dust storm.

“To save the Great Salt Lake is to make a choice, knowing that the lake is valuable and that it needs to be watered,” said Kevin Perry, an atmosphere scientist. He has been riding a bicycle on a dry lake bed since 2016 to study the composition. For years, the lake has been used for human consumption, industry, and agriculture. Combined with the worsening drought, it has exposed the lake bed.

A.D. On July 3, 2022, the lake’s surface fell to its lowest point in 1847 records – an average of 1,277m above sea level, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. By the end of the autumn or winter, the incoming water is expected to decrease further as evaporation increases.

A photograph with Drone shows the Great Salt Lake, Utah, October 5, 2020, crossing a railway line. (Photo EPA-EFE / Jim Lo Scalzo)

The lake now has less than a quarter of its water level, as was the case in 1987, the agency said.

The lake has lost about half of its historic area, which is 2,000 km22 Lake Bed – Larger area than Hawaiian Island Maui.

People are not the only ones at risk. Underwater reef-like structures accommodate microorganisms that feed into brine shrimp.

Nearly 10 million birds of more than 330 species migrate or live in the lake each year, said Max Malmust, a member of the National Odonbos Saline Lakes program.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed 11 bills on water conservation and policy last session with public awareness and pressure. Long-term solutions require major consumers – agriculture, industry, municipalities – to drink less water and give more to the lake. – Reuters

Vietnam needs $ 368 billion to end severe climate change

Vietnam will spend $ 368-billion by the end of 2040 to prevent and adapt to climate change, according to a World Bank report.

Southeast Asia, with a population of about 100 million, is one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of extreme weather and sea levels. Without taking appropriate adaptation and mitigation measures, it will invest 6.8% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in Vietnam. According to an analysis released on Thursday, it is expected to lose 14.5 percent of GDP by 2050.

“Vietnam must adopt a new growth strategy based on two interrelated pathways – adapting to climate change and building resilience and reducing climate change, while depleting growth and moving the economy away from carbon-based energy,” the report said.

“If you follow that path, Vietnam will be able to achieve its climate goals and grow by more than 5% per year,” he said. Required public and private investments should include structural and policy improvements, including carbon offsetting. – Bloomberg

Thousands of people have been displaced as firefighters control a fire in Turkey.

Thousands of people have been displaced by a wildfire in the Datsa Peninsula in southwestern Turkey.

According to Forestry Minister Vahit Kirishchi, preliminary investigations show that the fire broke out at noon on Wednesday.

“What makes our work a little harder is the impact of the wind, the direction and intensity are unknown,” he said Thursday morning.

The Turkish Disaster Management Authority said the blaze, which left some 450 homes and 3,530 people homeless, had reached low-income areas of the Gulf.

Wednesday, as helicopters set fire to it, images from Wednesday showed smoke billowing from the forest. He also showed a garden of smoke-filled houses with trees burning.

An aerial view of the landslides caused by a wildfire on August 10, 2021, in the province of Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey. (Photo EPA-EFE / Erdem Sahin)

The office of the mayor of Mugla State shared information on Thursday morning with strong winds in the region.

Countries, including France and Portugal – which have been hit by heat waves for the second time in several months – have been hit by a series of wildfires over the past few weeks. Scientists believe that climate change caused by humans makes heat waves more and more difficult.

A fire in southwestern Turkey has killed at least 140,000 hectares of land in the summer of 2021. – Reuters

UK heat waves ‘to create teeth’ in economy

Climate change economists say Britain’s long-term heat wave could weaken Britain’s productivity when people struggle to pay attention and become ill.

Although high atmospheric pressures create hot weather throughout Europe during the year, climate change makes heat waves more intense, frequent, and longer, says Bob Ward, director of the Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment. London School of Economics and Political Science.

In the UK in particular, he said, “he still thinks he is a cold country.” Most British homes and small offices are not suitable for hot weather because of too much sunlight and poor natural ventilation.

“Because of this, there will be big weaknesses in the economy,” Ward said, “because people tend to be productive in hot weather.”

The increase in the number of people working at home this summer may exacerbate the situation, as many workers do not have the luxury of air conditioning.

(Image: iStock)

Even those who are lucky enough to have air conditioning in their homes will have to pay a higher price for electricity. According to Ward, air conditioning is “easily unaffordable” for low-income people.

Hot spells can affect people with lower back pain, especially those with respiratory problems. But the onset of hot days and nights, which lasted for weeks and did not allow the body to cool down, is a concern for everyone.

It predicts a temperature in the UK above 38.4 per day0C. Sunday or Monday. That was more than a week after thermometers hovered around 30.0In a country where such events last for two days, according to Ward.

According to the Met Office, the heat wave should end by next week, when thunderstorms are expected. – Bloomberg

After the disappearance of CO, Germany developed an emergency transport plan.2 Targets

The German Ministry of Economy and Transport The 2021 Carbon Dioxide Reduction Plan on Wednesday launched an emergency plan to reduce emissions in transport after jeopardizing the country’s 2030 climate goals.

A Supreme Court After deciding that the country should strengthen its climate protection law by 2021, the then government developed a much-needed CO.2 Reduction goals, including carbon neutrality by 2045.

The new coalition government is expected to step up efforts to strengthen climate protection efforts. By 2021, it has made significant improvements to the consumer sector and the manufacturing industry, buildings, transportation and agriculture.

German Finance Minister Christian Linderner (CCL) and German Transport and Digital Affairs Minister Volker Wissing (CR) set fire to the German Chancellor in Berlin in protest of German energy and climate policy. , July 13, 2022. (Photo Printing EPA-EFE / Philip Singer)

In March, the German Environmental Protection Agency CO2 A.D. By 2021, the transport sector’s output was 148.1 million tons, of which 145 million tons were lost.

The ministries had July 13 to provide an urgent program to ensure that the sector meets its annual emission targets in the coming years.

The emergency program promotes fuel refills for passenger and commercial vehicles and expands funding for heavy commercial vehicles and bicycle lanes. By 2030, it has allocated an additional-250-million (approximately 4.3-million) for bicycle infrastructure.

The program supports “digitalization pressure” to promote in-house work to reduce transportation emissions.

The measures cost 13 million tons of CO2 In the sector Equal to 2030, Compensation for 2021 Shortage, Ministry of Transport Announces – Reuters


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